Bal Blanc 2012 – Monumenta Closing Party at The Grand Palais

We celebrated the longest day of 2012 at the phenomenal Bal Blanc hosted by ‘The Creators Project’ and ‘We Love Art’ who combined their forces to bring forth this awe-inspiring event for the clôture of this year’s Monumenta, which presented Daniel Buren’s work. By bringing together three electronic music gods – Caribou, Four Tet and our London homeboy Jamie XX  – we were stunned by (Buren’s circular) rainbow-coloured energies that reigned over the ecstatic white-dressed crowd in the historic Grand Palais in the heart of Paris. Not only did the god-guys play back-to-back, but they performed an electrifying set of dynamic playfulness and blew us away until, only allowing us quick ciggy breaks, lounging on the welcomingly cooling stone stairs or to catch a from the terrace up above, where the select gathered in their elevated universe.

Where on Earth does one dance blissfully in (usually despised) white attire, beneath a sky of white raving stars, with beats and melodies that drown you in euphoria? It must be Eden.



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