Larry is back! With an array of simultaneously moving and disturbing photographs that question our perception and expectation of adolescence, Larry Clark presents raw images of uninhibited sexuality and drug (ab)use, creating a sphere free of judgment for the protagonists. “Far removed from any form of voyeurism, he himself is a fundamental part of the scene he photographs. It seems as if he has a familiarity with the persons portrayed rather than just observing them. Without Larry Clark, photography would not have freed itself from the constraints of objectivity. Hardly any other photographer has ever achieved the same degree of intensity with which he immerses himself in his subject. It is here that the artist revives his own youth – each time with new protagonists” (C/O Berlin).

If you are around Berlin before August 15, head straight to the C/O Berlin gallery in Mitte – a stunning site with extraordinary photography exhibitions (which will be re-locating to a different site soon, following the tradition of constant cultural migration in this city).

From May until mid-August C/O Berlin is hosting the impressive collection of the work of Larry Clark – the father of KIDS (the movie that freaked us out so much that we got an HIV test the next day). Berlin is known to be radical and explicit – so it seemed surprising at first, that this exhibition requires under 18s to be accompanied by an adult – but then made sense after realizing how many genitals and needles are involved in the Tulsa and Teenage Lust series.

We don’t want to spoil the catharsis by going to too much into detail… So we’re leaving some space for your imagination and hope you’ll hop over to Berlin and enjoy this magnificently shocking autobiographical material by the man who so authentically portrays a part of the society that had been neglected for far too long.



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