Usually indulging in kitsch pleasures secretly, savouring the taste of the tasteless for the less aesthetically demanding, we would like to reveal one of our semi-guilty pleasures: Drinking the first moccha of the day or the last tea at 3.30AM from one of PiP Studio’s mugs and cups or even bowls (instead of grabbign one of the […]


STUN ME – WITH ART ON YOUR FACE The idea behind COLAB sounds like it could be mine: We are constantly collaborating, so why not blow up precisely this feature and create a brand that functions only via collaboration in a circus of stunning limited edition pieces that will be cherished by those who own […]

Enter The Köpi

It’s not just a squat in the heart of Berlin’s crazy X-Berg; it’s a place where punks hang out with artists and everyone is welcome to get lost in this mazey house. Buildings belong to the people not to investors, developers or to the government, that is the message the people who stay in this […]