Mat Collishaw, Other Criteria

Nothing makes you forget you’re not in New Cross faster than strolling around Green Park in pastel evening light; your senses not being divided between avoiding mystery-puddles and crushing chicken bones underfoot. On an ordinary occasion, I would no doubt feel extremely estranged had I not been heading to Hirst’s (gallery, provokingly christened) Other Criteria […]

Cleopatra Hair, Foster London

Hair is super big, and you know why ? Because whenever people go through some kind of nutty catharsis (that they have likely brought upon themselves), they desire dramatic change… See below: Catharsis scale Level 1: Tidy house / Mess house up (Depending on gender) Level 2: Buy new wardrobe Level 3: Cut hair Level […]


THE COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION: VERBAL + YOON => ANTONIO MURPHY & ASTRO  => AMBUSH !!!! ‘ANYTHING GOES’ for the two creatives Verbal and Yoon from Tokyo who joined forces to start a design collective in 2002, launching their first jewelry line two years later, followed by the cutting-edge line AMBUSH – which experimentally uses different types of metals, […]


From 10-16th September art lovers, curious rationalists and social butterflies visited the former prison in West Berlin to see and experience the valiant exhibition PLATFORM 79.  ‘Fuck the warehouse, go to prison’ might have been one channel of inspiration for hosting the exhibition in West Berlin, the more quiet and, ironically (considering the city’s history), […]

Dead Flies Damien, Tate Modern

Oh yes, you knew this one was coming ! And at the risk of being obscenely predictable, it would be blasphemy to omit writing about Hirst’s retrospective and first solo exhibition at the Tate Modern. From hearsay, one is often inclined to think Hirst a commercial cunt, or have mixed feelings at very least. Likely […]

Mountain-metaphor, KAVEMAN Beanie

Considering London weather is insufferably bipolar, a beanie is a wardrobe staple considering one loses 20-30% (Google-verified) of body heat through the head. So HOW lucky am I that my boyfriend happened to order a KAVEMAN beanie for me not knowing I was to lose my favourite black one out fucked that weekend. Even luckier, […]


USLU AIRLINES nail polish from Berlin introduces a new palette! More sickkk colours have just been launched by our favorite nail polish produce USLU Airlines – created by the German-Turkish duo Jan Mihm and Feride Uslu. USLU doesn’t only offer freaking amazing rainbow collections that will even make Chanel-limited edition fashionistas will hate/love you. “The names for […]

The Porodina Universe

Elizaveta Porodina You will have to remember this name.  She is beyond this world creating her own universe with her magical images, her gentle touch of capturing her muses and models in a breathtaking way. Her interpretation is a sensual one that caresses the boundaries of reality, as she playfully tells a fairy tale that […]


LOKAL is a semi-old fashioned way of saying ‘restaurant’ – and the name of an extraordinary restaurant located Linienstrasse in Berlin Mitte – a place whenre high-end meets alternative. Its simple rustic interior designed by Katja Buchholz with its soft lights, lilies, and lots of wood and white create a sense of homeliness extended in public space, which beautifully realizes the […]