DIY Banoffee Pie


Tried and tested during a (fearful) attempt at something >5 ingredients.

For the super cooking novice with fewer culinary skills than an American in a coma, I present to you the Carnation Banoffee Pie recipe which I quote/paraphrase as follows:

Stuffs you need:
200g melted butter
250g crushed digestive biscuits
100g soft brown sugar
1 can of Carnation condensed milk
whipped cream
grated chocolate

1. 100g melted butter + crushed digestives get moulded into pan as pie base by spoon/hand/just-emptied Vodka bottle bottom (from experience, spoon is easiest)
2. Chill pie base
3. Mix other 100g butter with brown sugar and condensed milk over heat
4. Pour into pie base and freeze until frozen
5. Serve with chopped bananas + whipped cream and grated chocolate if you’re wearing fancy pants

Pinky swear it’s yummy and that ridiculously simple – prepared quicker than a visit to the Sexual Health Clinic. And better yet, you can relieve the pressure of messy-looking banoffee pie because it’s meant to be relatively ugly (#ArtisticLicence) but is too sugary sweet to hate. Let’s be honest, you have to be some new level of anal to produce banoffee pie as depicted in the image when it can instead just be sloppy and individual !

Your child/mother/lover will swoon over such a delectable dessert, at least until they become diabetic.



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