Eat-eats at Cafe Gourmand

Following 10 summer days in Paris (and what appeared to be a never-ending cloud of wine – and therefore bliss), one would be heavily understating to the point of lying if one proclaimed to not miss it. 

SO ! like a blessing sent straight from Jesus himself, Cafe Gourmand opened Spring 2012 for the Londoners (specifically, as Parisans will likely go elsewhere) pining for le French lifestyle… or some seminance of. Even the two staff there are French – can it get any more authentic ? Plus, I’ve always been an immense sucker for wood church benches and dangly lightbulbs that moan casual chic. And not to worry, it’s not all that extravagant (by which one means “affordable”) but instead beautifully quaint and “très charmant”… so your boyfriend doesn’t need to bust his balls to have you served chicken liver and your date doesn’t need to fork out on moules marinares to lure you to bed. Lucky things, both of you ! 

And because it is a simple pleasure to be helpful, one may locate Cafe Gourmand at:
53 Lexington Street  London, UK W1F 9AS


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