Alt-J, An Awesome Wave

ImageThere is little less satisfying than scouring the infinitesimal wasteland of modern music to approach a (debut !) album that one can listen to start-to-finish and then still repeat. A versatile sound good from pan-frying breakfast circa noontime to a gray late-afternoon cigarette (to fulfil two differing kinds of addictions), Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave is one to be coveted for its unique hybrid genre entitled “folk-step” and perfectly imperfect voice harmonies.

Thick and glossy, cool and calm, An Awesome Wave has helped me sustain my excitement about my malfunctioning (after one too many dousings in mystery liquids) iPod from the, like, 14th century. I’ve been (publicly) dying during paced ambles to Breezleblocks – not just because they remind me of my far away friend in Canada – and experiencing ressurection mid-step with Fitzpleasure. Alt-J has been a viagra of some sorts, with sounds so fresh that I find myself inspired towards a New Music Binge via YouTube browsing as opposed to Verging On Too Cool Party come Friday night.


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