The $50,000 Leica

Leica and Hermès have recently collaborated to create the Leica M9-P Edition Hermès, making every photographer’s heart beat faster (or too fast??) by offering two different models – one of which comprises a special edition of 300 pieces and the even more exclusive Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas of which only 100 exist.

The price tag of each one of the 100 limited edition cameras turns consumer masturbation and wet dreams of desire into an absurd nightmare. Swaying between ignorant ecstasy and psychotic outbursts of anger, the question arises: to faint or to puke? It seems rather unlikely this Leica would lend the photographer artistic freedom or inspire a deeper quest of the visual – as these matters would rather be annulled by pre-occupations based on keeping the baby safe (if it’s even being used, that is).

But at least this Leica stirs thoughts about value and functionality, which constantly evolve in our world of luxury-worship in which we find ourselves confusedly wandering around, forgetting about what we have, what we need because we steadily want what we can’t have.



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