USLU AIRLINES nail polish from Berlin introduces a new palette!

More sickkk colours have just been launched by our favorite nail polish produce USLU Airlines – created by the German-Turkish duo Jan Mihm and Feride Uslu. USLU doesn’t only offer freaking amazing rainbow collections that will even make Chanel-limited edition fashionistas will hate/love you.

“The names for all those colours are just as creative: each is christened with an airport from sometimes the most remote corners of planet Earth. Inspired by an amazing and ever growing line-up of sexy collaborateurs, including Parisian Designer Bernhard Willhelm, Swiss DJ Headman, Berlin sunglass mavens MYKITA, semi-legal street artist EMESS or good old American shoe maker NIKE.” Check out the new ones we’re raving about!


USLUAirlines is sold at:
Colette ParisDepartmentstore im Quartier 206 BerlinApropos Cologne10 Corso Como MilanStefano Saccani Parma


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