Mountain-metaphor, KAVEMAN Beanie

Considering London weather is insufferably bipolar, a beanie is a wardrobe staple considering one loses 20-30% (Google-verified) of body heat through the head.

ImageSo HOW lucky am I that my boyfriend happened to order a KAVEMAN beanie for me not knowing I was to lose my favourite black one out fucked that weekend. Even luckier, and somehow perfect timing. #TrueLove



Excellent popsicle-prevention… something to make all problems/ice magically melt away (like the fact I just spilt milk all over my already malfunct, beat-up laptop). I quote:

“The beanie features our new constructed knit with the heavy cuffs reminiscent of the humps and bumps of a mountain. The bright gold Pom is your sunrise when you reach your goal and make it to the TOP! (we’ll see you there hehe)”

My KAVEMAN beanie is one of the few things I own to be desired (amidst alot of uninspired black garb that I wear all together for that Nun-appeal that’s so trendy now) and – here’s the bad news – it’s likely because the limited edition stock at appears dry.



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