From 10-16th September art lovers, curious rationalists and social butterflies visited the former prison in West Berlin to see and experience the valiant exhibition PLATFORM 79.  ‘Fuck the warehouse, go to prison’ might have been one channel of inspiration for hosting the exhibition in West Berlin, the more quiet and, ironically (considering the city’s history), often even looked-down upon part of town. This in itself criticizes the nature of mobility, liquidity and gentrification in particular. Now that everyone is moving East, we go West – because when subversion transforms into mainstream, the process needs to be reversed.

Raves in former public swimming pools and squat pop-ups are commonplace in Berlin, but this was of different nature and opened a door for experimentation to infiltrate the West. The exhibition presented an array of works from emerging artists from different practices and mediums, devising a fusion between site-created and previously completed works.

The show was a welcomed breath of fresh air during Berlin Art Week – thanks to its geographical element, young art direction and fervent coe of this wholesome project. GRASSGRASS is curious about what’s next and will make sure to keep these fellow crazy kids on the radar!




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