Moi à Nunhead Cemetery

Every season is the favorite season, just like every age is the dearest one at that given moment. Happiness is momentary and must be embraced all encompassingly, which can be best described with the German word ‘Muße’ that loosely translates to ‘leisure’, however leaving a pathetic gap between word and meaning.

The smells, the sounds, the food, the colors, the flow… All of this runs through the memory avenue ‘fall’ (as opposed to autumn) because all of this warm energy expands in the realm of the International School sphere that shaped my evolution and, quite frankly, exceeds in beautifully describing the element of falling in this time. This is an ode to the beauty of the third season that tucks the world into its winterly bed in an explosion of warm colors – an homage to childhood days (when no one wrote ‘ou’s and fall was fall – before the language identity split my brain into two channels of communication).

Nothing is more beautiful than soothing the soul by ambling around a deserted park on a crisp sunny day – when the visibility of your breath announces change, and the sunshine resembles the inversion of a perfect crème brulée. To comprehend this absurd comparison spend a day re-connecting with nature, collect a range of leaves and press them in a book to celebrate the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind in the sanctuary of the dead.

by Maschinengeschrieben blog

Nunhead Cemetery is one of those destinations that will leave you lost in transition between dream and reality, set in the magical sphere of the South East London version of the Père Lachaise. Best experienced on your own (in sole company of your camera at the most), you can wander around the earthy paths and reminisce whilst scuffing your feet in the leaf-carpeted grounds of this Autumn Wonderland.

NUNHEAD CEMETERY: Linden Grove, London, Greater London SE15 3LB



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