FRIEZE l a n d

Being awkard Alice for a day:

Hours and hours of wandering and floating around, examining, searching, interpreting, socializing, coffee drinking, questioning, recording, perceiving, and note taking (…etc etc) now provisionally result in this brief visual digestion à la GG of London’s magnificent FRIEZE Art Fair – that for the first time presents FRIEZE MASTERS, the new love baby of its creators.

Industry people, art lovers(/snobs) and tourists congregated in the iconic white tent in Regent’s Park. Chow-chowing on some gourmet HIX snack, the Madge Evans piece of German artist Gregor Hildebrandt stayed with me in particular; being a ’89 child, I still have some soft milky memories of the tapes I used to listen to and lucidly remember the warm pleasure of pulling out the glittery dark brown tape out of broken cassettes that would distort the voices to a smurf-like screech, and the high pitchedly expressed friction that would make the plastic cover smoothen in my hands, alongside the slow tearing/wearing of the paper booklet in the front listing the names of cast and production in a font size that resembles the one used for the casual cheat sheet (yep those times were not too long ago).

The expected jewels were Tillmans poetically philosophical journey of scientific abstraction guided by FREISCHWIMMER, as well as Tracey Emin’s embroidered boldness of the female. A pleasant surprise (with a cocky aftertaste) was the FRAME section of under 6s galleries which cool down the heated marketing and overwhelming force of the big names, by giving it an air of a hipstery Berlin pop-up hangout. Furthermore, Jim Lambie (the guy who created the eye-burning stairs at the V&A for 2010’s London Design Festival) presented the collage-sculptural piece VORTEX that quite aptly represents what is  n o w  and how illusion is the most comforting and simultaneously threatening force. The shutter speed piece, the Google mandala, boob chair, wooden room framing, trippy photo origami, and the GG-like graphic are further souvenirs of this blissful visual OD experience offered in FRIEZE wonderland:



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