Mike Stout designs for Paranoid Mandroid

Few people one arbitrarily meets are as exciting and talented as Mike Stout… it’s almost esteem-shattering. This is a name you’ll have to keep an eye out for, or maybe two, or hire several professional spies to keep tabs – whatever floats your boat.

Mike’s work is at once obscure, surreal, comedic and controversial – is this mix not one to (absolutely) love ? And all these careful details are encrypted with signs and symbols, that run quickly alongside Mike’s many wonderfully wild and wildly wonderful anecdotes that make his pieces simultaneously unique and personable.

Photo courtesy of Dalia Kranauskaite

Lucky stars are definitely shining on us because we can have a small piece of this talent through Paranoid Mandroid and when Mike launches his very own t-shirt label in a few month’s time. And for GRASSGRASS, planets are aligned as we have the pleasure of exhibiting/sharing Mike’s work at the launch of NOBODY KNOWS IT’S YOURS.

Thank you Jesus and all the disciples.



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