Heroes’ 1st year anniversary at Egg

Where else can you find yourself with fashion forward creatives mushing down chocolate and jelly shots in North London than at Jim Warboy’s night Heroes at Egg. Quintessentially East in a few great ways, but at a venue with a swish lounge, two terraces, a basement, a giant disco ball and a red carpeted entrance hall… the only downside really is that the cloak room is 1.50 per item and you are guaranteed to be unable to function the day following #SorryMom

With an irresistibly dead-cool line-up, Heroes draws a seriously eclectic crowd that tends to push until 11AM +
And on 13/10, Zebra Katz, Hannah Holland, JoJo de Freq, Joe Robots and Oscar Mulero all came down to make playtime ridiculously sweaty.

Rest assured, London nights don’t simply end at 11AM, let alone one of Warboy’s nights. Intoxicated to the point of “loving everyone but needing no one”, Oliver and I took a happy venture to Whitechapel sometime circa 7 for an after-party and then followed that with several joints in South London to slip into another night time. Why feel the abject dismay (two words for: condescending glances on the tube for looking like shit underfoot and not really not caring) of going home at sunrise when one can simply wait until the next evening ?

Being hopelessly lost in the time continuum is not only a typical characteristic of sci-fi cinema but also one of an immense weekend. On these occasions I regress back to my primary school mentality, thinking to myself that I can sleep when I’m dead.



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