In the same way it would be terrible for you to miss your period/flight to see your lover/your mom’s birthday, it would’ve been terrible to miss the launch of NOBODY KNOWS IT’S YOURS ! Hence why if you happened to, we have this consolatory blog entry.

Nobody Knows It’s Yours – GRASSGRASS’ official life+++style blog – launched Wednesday 17th October at The Old Vic Tunnels with an evening soiree. We welcomed a crowd of all-sorts (our favourite, because who would eat an entire bag of liqourice only) for some mingling and mischief. Something we somehow seem to never be short of (wish I could same the same for cash and condoms)….

Kids had their faces inches from Mike Stout’s exhibition of intricate pen originals, with glittery third eyes with which to see better ! Glasses are soooo 19th century in both style and technology.

And all the Briska cider paired with Tommaso Cinelli’s beats seemed to make for many little love stories throughout the night: between friends that had already met, friends that needed to meet… and boy wooing Pandemonia. Cheap dates and lightweights.


With the company of all these third-degree-burn-hot people, we celebrated GRASSGRASS’ newest component and ended with a group meditation session lead by Tina Ateljevic and candle. It was a spiritually unifying conclusion to the event (because we can’t just send people home trashed mid-week, where as trashed plus feeling like an oasis is obviously acceptable).
Sorry that all of this seemed like a Winnie The Pooh story what with the narration alongside pictures. I’m not much into hugs/honey/asexual cartoon characters but whatever the case, whatever the form: thank you to whoever attended for making what was visibly a super-super night ! #PictorialEvidence

Special love for our saints/saviors/life-buoys:
Oliver Hickmet, Judith Nezri, Geiste Kincinaityte, Imogen Harvey, Mike Stout, Szymon Grela, Tina Ateljevic, Mike Stout, Katlin Siil, Tommaso Cinelli, Dalia Kranauskaite

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