You know your belief/pride/faith in your culture is tested when the following happens: the other night  (in fact the other special night after our blog launch), we got back home predictably starved and dehydrated. So we raided our stash of our snobby munchy food, meaning the Angelina chocolat chaud and the rest of our Ladurée macarons (courtesy of one of our beautiful friends that understands what to bring when you’re invited for dinner to ours).

In reality, we are not so fussy about food, but simply wanted to enjoy our macarons peacefully. The first bites were amazing, as expected. Sweet lemon, refreshing apple, rich chocolate, delicious salty caramel, tasty pistachio, surprising rose… Ladurée is one of the few things that makes me proud of my country. We kept on pleasing our taste buds with deep cassis, nice vanilla and multiple others until we had one last macaron left.

It almost looked like a liquorice one, but not quite. We cut it in half ready to try something new and incredible. As soon as it touched our tongues our faces distorted horribly and we spat it back out instantly. Our confused mouth interiors did not know how to assimilate the information. It was sweet, waaay to sweet, sticky with a pink inside and a horrible chemical candy taste. I could not believe it. It was horrendous, a blasphemy to the macaron traditions, which I know very little about, but I suddenly felt the need to investigate this culinary faux pas.

After a few click-clicks on Google and the Ladurée website, it turns out that this pink and chewy reminiscence of a wonderful met français is a limited edition bubble gum macaron for Lanvin. This new creation reminded the designer Alber Elbaz of the “taste of childhood”.

Alber, you do wonders for Lanvin, but we clearly did not have the same childhood.



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