BAR25 – Days out of Time

BAR25. No words can describe and no pictures could ever do justice to it – to what it was and what it stands for.

Die Bar was revived! Just for one night, in London, for the international premier of the BAR25 film that documents its evolution, from the birth of its founders’ ideas to the physical destruction and activation of the masses to reclaim urban spaces, stand up for freedom of lifestyle and communal integrity. It wasn’t just a club, it was a dream, a social provocation, a realization of artful vision.

An homage-gone-party took place 05/10 at the (almost-Berlin-like brick-walled venue) Village Underground in Shoreditch, organized in collaboration with HalfBaked – just in time for my birthday! What better way (and time) to drop by Neverland, making all body-bound atoms rave to Dirty Doering, defying rainy reality and traveling back in time to blurred memories of nights and days merging in Danny Faber’s universe, savouring the irrelevance of time… Being at home at home, Berlin in London. The epitome of nightly joy (except for, perhaps, my rave companion being carried out on the security guy’s shoulders).

For those of you who don’t know the BAR25 or never managed to go and experience and feel it, add this documentary to your secret must-see list that will save you from cultural ostracization. It gets you as close as you can (retrospectively) get to the beautiful madness of this legendary place which started a movement that brought people from all over the world together. Watch it, then book a flight to Berlin (never mind a hotel) to spend a weekend at Kater Holzig and Chalet, the new projects of the crazy geniuses that created die Bar.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bowing down in ridiculous pose of gratefulness for this mind-blowing night that ended with rain-wet feet, sweat-soaked clothes and a spliff accompanied by absurd conversations in the downstairs backstage area to welcome a new year of life.

/H  // //


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