Scare and Share

Halloween is one of my preferred annual fêtes and, in fact, could even be described as a holiday in my belief system of conscious hedonism (never mind religious/national threads of ideology). Not only does it justify dressing up, deception and acting eerily, but it also challenges your perception and intimacy with people. Being a secret lover of masquerade balls à la Marie Antoinette, I gravitate towards the unknown, especially when it is strangers and friends mingling in lavish attire, restraining any form of recognition which is then usually reinforced by the influence of pleasurable substances that go so well with these affairs. It is this form of self-expression (in apparel and comportment) that you are able to extend beyond the familiar boundaries of the identified self – which, collectively, produce an air scented by extroversion that will allow modes of scaring and sharing that well transcend to a sphere of coalescence.

Moreover, Halloween is not only  remarkable in its quality, but also in its quantity: it enfolds and multiplies in variable ways, amounting in a variety of festivities. This year the 31st happens to be on a Wednesday, the best day possible which ensures a multiplicities of parties, dinners, and trick or treating (yes, we’ll hit SouthKen for the fanciest candy this year  – bless the masks for disguising our true age, sparing us from egg yolk/annoyed house keepers)!

The celebrations kicked off this weekend and I was lucky to be in Berlin for this supa-special occasion. My friend and performer LaRubinia invited me to CREEPY CABINET at Rocco&Sanny in Mitte – a cosy/cool New York-like basement bar neighbouring infamous Kingsize. After a shared bottle of Jesus blood (some call it wine), crooked Pueblos and too much dark lipstick, we headed to the place at around 1AM and were welcomed by the cross-carrying LaRubinia and her companion who poured way too much Russian water into our glasses and mouths… In blurred excess, we found ourselves in the abandoned offices of an advertising agency that occupy the 4 floors that rise above the bar. Drunkenly rummaging through piles of furniture and documents, we ended up with an impressive selection of coffee table books, litho prints and wine bottles that had been left behind, which served as splendid souvenirs of a grandiose night that quite well represents what Halloween is about: (s)caring and sharing… whatever it may be. A moment, a drink, a mask, a body, a risk, a night.



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