Gold in the Crucible

Photography by Halea

For three days the Hoxton Arches were the site of the extraordinary exhibition Gold in the Crucible which was a kind of symbolic coming of age for the participating artists, in form of a continuation of the sculptural exploration with trans:form earlier this year.

Curated by Hanna Laura Kaljo the exhibition was the processual result of the six artists – including GRASSGRASS protégé Durbin Lewis – offering an array of interpretations in form of ‘pieces that embody the creative act of becoming, continuing their growth or decay in the viewer´s presence. The meaning of the works lies not in the final object, but within the unfolding of its inherent process,’ accentuating how the progressively fluid nature permeates into all that exists.


Photography by Halea

Pamela Carr
Durbin Lewis
Eva Rudlinger
Wanda Wieser
Andrea Zucchini
Cristian Zuzunaga


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