MONOLITH is one of the most stimulating reads out there on the magazine market. It is a bi-annual fusion of an investigative science bible, spiritually explorative kaleidoscope and philosophic psychedelia. It brings together the different disciplines in an intellectually appealing and visually absorbing crescendo. Here’s a little taster-treat for you: an exclusive chit-chat with Lore Oxford, the grand Mata of MONOLITH:

Everything is questionable… Why did you choose this as the MONOLITH maxim?

I read a book by Robert Anton Wilson called Cosmic Trigger when I was working on the conceptual side of MONOLITH – over a year ago, now. He speaks a lot about how the best way to perceive the world is to believe nothing and to question everything and it really got me thinking. If scientists could once have claimed that the world was flat with total confidence, then who knows what else the masses believe entirely that could one day turn out to be false? MONOLITH explores awe-inspiring subject matter and encourages its readers to be curious about the world we live in, and similarly the articles are intended not to immerse the readers in a pre-determined belief system, but rather to inform them and inspire them to form their own opinions. Everything is questionable seemed the perfect phrase to illustrate this.

Please elucidate your fascination with psychedelics…?
I think what draws me most to psychedelics is the stake that they hold both in spiritual and scientific fields. There’s a huge crossover with those two subjects, which is often ignored due to the fact that science often disregards spirituality for its untestable nature and in turn science can often seem closed-minded to spiritually enlightened people. Psychedelics are compounds that could genuinely be utilised in modern medicine and the effects they take on people’s brains, opening new thought processes and enabling the user to utilise their senses in whole new ways is scientifically fascinating. But in a subjective sense, they’re also incredibly mind-opening, inviting the user to explore themselves, their creativity and their consciousness. I can’t imagine how anybody who knows about psychedelics or has used them couldn’t find them fascinating.A trip that changed your life?The first time I tried acid, because up until that point I’d been filled with the same sense of fear and apprehension that many feel before they’ve used psychedelics. Someone offered it to me in the perfect set and setting and it just seemed like a good idea. Those 8 hours were filled with walking, deep discussion and constant, unrelenting, euphoric awe. What did you do on the 21st of December?

I’m just glad the world didn’t end. If nothing else, I know that I’m not done learning about the world yet.


TUNNEL VISION is a monthly movie night hosted by MONOLITH MAGAZINE. Each installment accompanies anything from contemporary cinema to cult classics with intellectual guest speakers and innovative short films. It’s a great way for MONOLITH readers to meet and speak to others who have similar interests and builds on the sense of community that the magazine promotes for its readership.

MONOLITH is available on the website and in selected outlets across London. £7

The next TUNNEL VISION event will take place at Vibe Bar on Brick Lane on Tuesday, 15 January 2013. Free and open to all.




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