HALF BAKED Label Launch

The HB bicycle

A Sunday should be spent sleeping, chilling, dreaming – or at Half Baked.

The Record Label Launch on 27/01 was of particular grandeur – a praiseworthy debauchery overseen by a fairy-lit bicycle hovering above the raving mass. After a TFL-misadventure culminating in a pre-cab pit-stop at McDonalds, we finally arrived at Autumn Street Studios situated in the far ‘n’ free territory of Hackney Wick – and entered into a sound maze celebrating HB’s love and commitment to underground house and techno music. Raising the holy day to a new level of sacredness, we once again gulped down the 9PM-feels-like-3AM sensation against the characteristic seemingly less-than-legal backdrop, ensuring an (almost) fresh start into the week after yet another Sunday Fun-Day!

HB coveLack of lock

The launch of the Vinyl Only imprint is a hot French affair with Le Loup, Seuil, Yakine and HBF Agency resident artist Robin Ordell – to be released 04/03/2013. Until then, hit up the (sound)cloud for a sample to chill and bounce to!



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