Light Show 

This sublime exhibition presents how the fluidity of matter is embodied by light traveling in space and time. Art in its purest form transcends meaning and rises to a level of self-liberation through an emancipation of the senses. Constantly surrounded by hyper-stimulating screens and moving image content, light has the capacity to reduce all of this to what it really is: movement.  It is the birth of a soul-soothing illusion that envelops us by freeing our thoughts, in a state of profound contemplation and meditation; reminding of us of the need to indulge in what Giorgio Agamben termed profound boredom, ‘the desire for happiness left in its pure state.’

Light Show

Some of the greatest light installation artists like Olafur Eliasson, Jim Campbell,  and Brigitte Kowanz have been conjoined for this this awe-inspiring exhibition that will capture you for hours. Be spell-bound by Leo Villareal’s sparkling universe, close your eyes and feel the heat of Cerith Wyn Evans’ columns, and enter into the hypnotizing void of Anthony McCall’s work in this Wonderland of lights and colours.


Light Show

THE LIGHT SHOW at the Hayward Gallery

30 January – 28 April 2013


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