WAH LA LA! American Apparel on Acid – that is how we roll (and leap, and fall). Hamburg-based designer Bea Engelmann revolts against the rigid chic of the Northern city – and the youthful exuberance spills over to London. As the fosterling of CUTE  MONSTR, the label caters to those who joyfully worship the unperfectly perfect […]

Mike Stout designs for Paranoid Mandroid

Few people one arbitrarily meets are as exciting and talented as Mike Stout… it’s almost esteem-shattering. This is a name you’ll have to keep an eye out for, or maybe two, or hire several professional spies to keep tabs – whatever floats your boat. Mike’s work is at once obscure, surreal, comedic and controversial – […]


THE COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION: VERBAL + YOON => ANTONIO MURPHY & ASTRO  => AMBUSH !!!! ‘ANYTHING GOES’ for the two creatives Verbal and Yoon from Tokyo who joined forces to start a design collective in 2002, launching their first jewelry line two years later, followed by the cutting-edge line AMBUSH – which experimentally uses different types of metals, […]

Mountain-metaphor, KAVEMAN Beanie

Considering London weather is insufferably bipolar, a beanie is a wardrobe staple considering one loses 20-30% (Google-verified) of body heat through the head. So HOW lucky am I that my boyfriend happened to order a KAVEMAN beanie for me not knowing I was to lose my favourite black one out fucked that weekend. Even luckier, […]


USLU AIRLINES nail polish from Berlin introduces a new palette! More sickkk colours have just been launched by our favorite nail polish produce USLU Airlines – created by the German-Turkish duo Jan Mihm and Feride Uslu. USLU doesn’t only offer freaking amazing rainbow collections that will even make Chanel-limited edition fashionistas will hate/love you. “The names for […]

The Porodina Universe

Elizaveta Porodina You will have to remember this name.  She is beyond this world creating her own universe with her magical images, her gentle touch of capturing her muses and models in a breathtaking way. Her interpretation is a sensual one that caresses the boundaries of reality, as she playfully tells a fairy tale that […]

The $50,000 Leica

Leica and Hermès have recently collaborated to create the Leica M9-P Edition Hermès, making every photographer’s heart beat faster (or too fast??) by offering two different models – one of which comprises a special edition of 300 pieces and the even more exclusive Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas of which only 100 exist. The price tag of […]

Hien Le

Just discovered: The gorgeous Berlin-based label HIEN LE by a Laos-born designer of the same name, who pays closest attention to a diversity of high quality material – ranging from silk, cotton and alcantara – to textures and techniques, such as hand knit crochet. HIEN LE embodies the kind of clothes that you’ll want to […]