Beagling into the Night

Having reluctantly missed the soft launch in the beginning of April (due to fiery final year essays) and then finding myself out of town (au revoir rainy London), I finally managed to check out the Beagle. Deducing from the the crowds spilling out, this new restaurant, bar and coffee shop run by krankbrother‘s Kieran and […]


LOKAL is a semi-old fashioned way of saying ‘restaurant’ – and the name of an extraordinary restaurant located Linienstrasse in Berlin Mitte – a place whenre high-end meets alternative. Its simple rustic interior designed by Katja Buchholz with its soft lights, lilies, and lots of wood and white create a sense of homeliness extended in public space, which beautifully realizes the […]

Eat-eats at Cafe Gourmand

Following 10 summer days in Paris (and what appeared to be a never-ending cloud of wine – and therefore bliss), one would be heavily understating to the point of lying if one proclaimed to not miss it.  SO ! like a blessing sent straight from Jesus himself, Cafe Gourmand opened Spring 2012 for the Londoners […]