This sublime exhibition presents how the fluidity of matter is embodied by light traveling in space and time. Art in its purest form transcends meaning and rises to a level of self-liberation through an emancipation of the senses. Constantly surrounded by hyper-stimulating screens and moving image content, light has the capacity to reduce all […]

Gold in the Crucible

For three days the Hoxton Arches were the site of the extraordinary exhibition Gold in the Crucible which was a kind of symbolic coming of age for the participating artists, in form of a continuation of the sculptural exploration with trans:form earlier this year. Curated by Hanna Laura Kaljo the exhibition was the processual result of the six artists […]

DIY Taxidermy with Charlie Tuesday Gates

To drink on a Tuesday night would be the absolute last thing on my mind (#SchoolNight), and for others, it would be to attend an interactive DIY taxidermy session at The Book Club with artist Charlie Tuesday Gates — which I had the immense pleasure of doing. Charlie has more charisma in her surgical-gloved pinky […]

Tom Friedman, Stephen Friedman Gallery

Had the pleasure of bumbling (#ForeverBumbling) up to Stephen Friedman Gallery for a private view on Friday evening. Wayne Gonzalez was a little too limp to be impressive for me, consisting of gouache pieces resembling an effect you can get on Photoshop. Maybe I’m being more impertinent than your step-mother who you call by first […]