Goldsmiths Photography Degree Show

We cordially invite you to the annual degree show at Goldsmiths, our intellectual shelter and creative stage, where we will be showcasing some of our own work, alongside that of an array of up-and-coming photographers, including our precious – and previously presented – artist Geiste Marija Kincinaityte. Goldsmiths, University of London, is a leading institute […]

Gold in the Crucible

For three days the Hoxton Arches were the site of the extraordinary exhibition Gold in the Crucible which was a kind of symbolic coming of age for the participating artists, in form of a continuation of the sculptural exploration with trans:form earlier this year. Curated by Hanna Laura Kaljo the exhibition was the processual result of the six artists […]


From 10-16th September art lovers, curious rationalists and social butterflies visited the former prison in West Berlin to see and experience the valiant exhibition PLATFORM 79.  ‘Fuck the warehouse, go to prison’ might have been one channel of inspiration for hosting the exhibition in West Berlin, the more quiet and, ironically (considering the city’s history), […]

Dead Flies Damien, Tate Modern

Oh yes, you knew this one was coming ! And at the risk of being obscenely predictable, it would be blasphemy to omit writing about Hirst’s retrospective and first solo exhibition at the Tate Modern. From hearsay, one is often inclined to think Hirst a commercial cunt, or have mixed feelings at very least. Likely […]

Tom Friedman, Stephen Friedman Gallery

Had the pleasure of bumbling (#ForeverBumbling) up to Stephen Friedman Gallery for a private view on Friday evening. Wayne Gonzalez was a little too limp to be impressive for me, consisting of gouache pieces resembling an effect you can get on Photoshop. Maybe I’m being more impertinent than your step-mother who you call by first […]