‘ONLY YOUR BELIEF IMPRISONS YOU. EVERYTHING IS QUESTIONABLE.’ MONOLITH is one of the most stimulating reads out there on the magazine market. It is a bi-annual fusion of an investigative science bible, spiritually explorative kaleidoscope and philosophic psychedelia. It brings together the different disciplines in an intellectually appealing and visually absorbing crescendo. Here’s a little […]


WAH LA LA! American Apparel on Acid – that is how we roll (and leap, and fall). Hamburg-based designer Bea Engelmann revolts against the rigid chic of the Northern city – and the youthful exuberance spills over to London. As the fosterling of CUTE  MONSTR, the label caters to those who joyfully worship the unperfectly perfect […]

Mike Stout designs for Paranoid Mandroid

Few people one arbitrarily meets are as exciting and talented as Mike Stout… it’s almost esteem-shattering. This is a name you’ll have to keep an eye out for, or maybe two, or hire several professional spies to keep tabs – whatever floats your boat. Mike’s work is at once obscure, surreal, comedic and controversial – […]


THE COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION: VERBAL + YOON => ANTONIO MURPHY & ASTRO  => AMBUSH !!!! ‘ANYTHING GOES’ for the two creatives Verbal and Yoon from Tokyo who joined forces to start a design collective in 2002, launching their first jewelry line two years later, followed by the cutting-edge line AMBUSH – which experimentally uses different types of metals, […]

Mountain-metaphor, KAVEMAN Beanie

Considering London weather is insufferably bipolar, a beanie is a wardrobe staple considering one loses 20-30% (Google-verified) of body heat through the head. So HOW lucky am I that my boyfriend happened to order a KAVEMAN beanie for me not knowing I was to lose my favourite black one out fucked that weekend. Even luckier, […]


USLU AIRLINES nail polish from Berlin introduces a new palette! More sickkk colours have just been launched by our favorite nail polish produce USLU Airlines – created by the German-Turkish duo Jan Mihm and Feride Uslu. USLU doesn’t only offer freaking amazing rainbow collections that will even make Chanel-limited edition fashionistas will hate/love you. “The names for […]

The $50,000 Leica

Leica and Hermès have recently collaborated to create the Leica M9-P Edition Hermès, making every photographer’s heart beat faster (or too fast??) by offering two different models – one of which comprises a special edition of 300 pieces and the even more exclusive Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas of which only 100 exist. The price tag of […]


Usually indulging in kitsch pleasures secretly, savouring the taste of the tasteless for the less aesthetically demanding, we would like to reveal one of our semi-guilty pleasures: Drinking the first moccha of the day or the last tea at 3.30AM from one of PiP Studio’s mugs and cups or even bowls (instead of grabbign one of the […]


STUN ME – WITH ART ON YOUR FACE The idea behind COLAB sounds like it could be mine: We are constantly collaborating, so why not blow up precisely this feature and create a brand that functions only via collaboration in a circus of stunning limited edition pieces that will be cherished by those who own […]